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Scissor sharpening
£10 dog grooming
£15 hairdressing

We specialise in the precise sharpening and reconditioning of all brands and types of scissors. Including convex, dog grooming, curved, thinners and chunkers.

Our meticulous service process includes the following steps:

  1. Inspection: We carefully examine your scissors to identify any damage and evaluate their current performance. This assessment allows us to determine the most effective sharpening and reconditioning approach.

  2. Disassembly: Your scissors are expertly disassembled, preparing them for the sharpening process.

  3. Sharpening: Each blade of your scissors undergoes a sharpening process using our diamond wheel, followed by honing on our specialised honing wheel. The blades are then polished using a leather wheel. Additionally, we meticulously hone each ride line on a flat whetstone.

  4. Reassembly: With great care, we reassemble your scissors, replacing worn washers and bumpers as needed. We meticulously reset the balance and verify the alignment, ensuring optimal performance.

  5. Testing: To ensure the highest quality, we rigorously test the scissors using thin tissue paper and synthetic fur. The scissors must effortlessly cut from base to tip without requiring any additional hand pressure to pass our stringent quality check.

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