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liveryman a2 large animal blade
heiniger large animal horse blade

Horse and large animal clipper blade sharpening
£8 per set

We specialise in servicing a variety of reputable clipper brands, including Lister, Heiniger, Liveryman, Wolseley, Aesculap, and Masterclip.

Our service process includes:

  1. Inspection and Rust Removal: Identify and address any broken teeth on the cutters and comb. Remove dirt and rust using specialized rust removal erasers.

  2. Fine Grinding on Precision Wheels:  We use a precision grinding wheel for precise fine grinding. Large blades are typically flat ground as per factory standards, although certain brands may be hollow ground. Each part, comb and cutter, undergoes separate grinding.

  3. Visual Verification of Grinding: Perform a visual inspection to ensure the grind is consistent and accurate. Subsequently, clean, oil, and prepare the comb and cutter for testing.

  4. Blade Testing and Packaging: Test the blades on synthetic fur to assess their performance. Once confirmed, pack the blades meticulously and prepare them for shipping.

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